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It is hard to put terrible tragedies in perspective.  While the magnitude isn’t the same, this principle applies to doctor rating, too.  There are 2 to 3 million office visits to physicians in the United States every day, some 800 million per year.  How many make the cover of the newspapers?  Fortunately, no more than a handful make the newspaper cover, but each one in that handful represents some tragedy that may leave people feeling there is something “sick” in our medical care system.  Perhaps it is a pediatrician who abused children.  Or a hospital that killed a patient by giving the wrong blood.  Those horrific events are tragedies, but they aren’t representative of the millions of office visits that occur each day which don’t make the news, visits that are invisible because everything went fine, normal visits that weren’t newsworthy.

Doctor ratings websites like DrScore give the public a means to begin to see those invisible visits, to realize that the great majority of patients are happy with their doctors.

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