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Despite trying to stay healthy, I have a passion for fast food.  Just the other day, I ate out at both Panera Bread and Taco Bell.  I was struck that both companies asked me to complete a survey on my visit, with the request to visit online satisfaction survey sites printed automatically on the receipts.

These companies, like so many others, are collecting customer service feedback and probably act in some way on the results.  I imagine the parent corporations for these stores are committed to making sure there customers get a great experience—not just great food, but a great all around experience, too.

I may be biased, but I think medical care is more important than tacos.  I think attention to providing patient-centered medical services is more important than attention to providing good customer care with bagels and danish.

DrScore.com makes it just as easy and inexpensive for doctors to get patient feedback.  Just as Panera and Taco Bell print the request on the receipts, I look forward to the day when all patients get asked for feedback when they receive a bill or a return appointment card.

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