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When it comes to customer service, banks are a lot like physician offices.

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Bankers aren’t exactly held in high esteem right now.  I met one banker on a recent flight who pointed out that her lawyer friends are glad that bankers have replaced lawyers on the bottom rung of the esteem ladder.  She found it funny that my son wore a banker costume for Halloween this year because he wanted “to be something really scary for trick-or-treating.”

All joking aside, I have realized that  banks are a lot like physicians’ offices when it comes to client/patient satisfaction.  Banks make a strong effort to make their customers feel cared for.  The key person for doing this is not the “personal banker” who sees the customer maybe a few ties a year, but the front line tellers who tend to see the clients every week.  Similarly, patient satisfaction in the doctor’s office isn’t only the doctor’s responsibility.

Everyone is part of the team, and each staff member needs to give his or her best effort to make patients feel cared for.

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