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American Medical News reports that patients would pay their medical bills more quickly using the Internet (Dolan PL, Patients say they would pay more quickly with online access).  This isn’t surprising to us at DrScore.  Facility with the Internet is rapidly becoming ubiquitous.  Patients recognize the potential of the Internet to facilitate all kinds of transactions.

At DrScore, we’ve recognized for years that the Internet can also be used to facilitate getting feedback from patients.  By sending patients a link to DrScore with the bill, physicians can seek feedback from every patient, letting each patient know their opinions are respected, getting the kind of detailed feedback doctors need in order to know how well they are doing and what they can do even better.

Just as online access can ease billing issues, the hassles, costs and limitations of paper-based or telephone-based patient satisfaction surveys can now be avoided.

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Since the very inception of DrScore, the company has been represented at the annual conference of the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), an enormous meeting of medical practice managers from across the country. Each year we purchase a booth in order to promote our patient satisfaction survey service to doctors and practice managers.

I enjoy the MGMA conference. It is a great opportunity to meet many people who appreciate the importance of patient satisfaction. And meeting attendees have always been extraordinarily receptive to what DrScore offers: an easy, low-cost way to get detailed feedback from patients, document quality and provide a basis for enhancing the quality of medical care.

But this year marked a real turning point in how DrScore was perceived at MGMA. In years past, health care providers were interested in the service, but tended to remain loyal to the old-fashioned paper-and-pencil survey as a way of getting feedback. That seems to have changed in 2009. It looks like the Internet has become so ubiquitous that Web-based collection of patient feedback (with all its advantages and lesser expense) is what doctors are looking for.

This change in perception marked a turning point for me, too. DrScore has achieved what I and my team intended it to: a free service for patients that allows them to rate their experience with doctors and look up doctor ratings, and a physician-endorsed tool that doctors use to obtain valuable feedback from their patients in order to improve their medical practice.

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