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President Obama’s 2011 State of the Union address was forward-looking. In the address, he mentioned the Internet six times, focusing much attention on American infrastructure, technology and our future economy.  The President said within the next five years, the next generation of high-speed wireless coverage will be deployed to 98 percent of all Americans.

At DrScore, we’re forward looking too.  Paper-based surveys of patient satisfaction are horse-and-buggy technology, expensive, time consuming and wasteful.  Online doctor rating has many advantages, including flexible, drill down survey methodology. As all Americans gain greater access and facility working online, the few barriers that remain to obtaining low cost, easy, high quality patient feedback through the Internet will quickly melt away.

DrScore is just one small facet of the future that President Obama shared with us: an economy that’s driven by new skills and new ideas.  Our success in this new and changing world will require reform, responsibility, and innovation.

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I’m a big believer in patients giving doctors feedback. The web has made this easy, and there are a number of doctor rating sites. DrScore is pretty special among these, in that hundreds of doctors actively encourage patients to use DrScore as a way for the doctor to get feedback from patients.

Being the rating site recommended by doctors gives DrScore some special responsibilities. Our survey has to be convenient for patients, yet sufficiently detailed to give doctors the information they need to improve their practices; we achieved this using the interactive survey developed by patient satisfaction research scientist Dr. Roger Anderson. The survey also has to be scientifically valid. The proven validity of the DrScore survey allows us to use DrScore data for research publications to help all doctors improve their patients’ satisfaction.

Another responsibility DrScore has is to offer a survey that is accessible to patients. I’m proud to say that the DrScore survey is now available in a Spanish version so that Spanish-speaking patients can give their doctors feedback, too. I’m proud of our DrScore team for making this terrific resource a reality.

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