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t’s great to see that people are accessing DrScore research and hopefully putting it to use to make sure patients get the best possible medical care.

Dear Dr Feldman:

Re: Your paper published in Patient Related Outcome Measures

I wanted to let you know that your paper, “Patient satisfaction with obstetricians and gynecologists compared with other specialties: analysis of US self-reported survey data”, has been well received since it went online.

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URL: http://www.dovepress.com/articles.php?article_id=6063&l=ItAn0uejcIr9quaxAks7RURS20272

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Best regards

Ms. Olliver
Dove Medical Press
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Happy Valentine’s Day and congratulations to our 2011 America’s Most Loved Health Care Provider: Roger Ernest, DO, a general surgeon in Sanford, NC. Please see our press release below for more on Dr. Ernest and our five runners’ up for America’s Most Loved.


DrScore Announces ‘America’s Most Loved’ Health Care Provider
General surgeon Roger Ernest, DO, is the highest-rated Provider of the Year

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (Feb. 11, 2011) — Valentine’s Day is a little sweeter for a general surgeon in Sanford, N.C., who celebrates as “America’s Most Loved” health care provider. DrScore.com, the online patient satisfaction survey and rating Web site, has named Roger Ernest, DO, with Carolina Crossroads Surgery PC, as 2011’s Health Care Provider of the Year.


“Dr. Ernest’s average rating of 9.93 out of 10 is truly exceptional,” said patient satisfaction expert Steve Feldman M.D., founder of DrScore. “His patients have given him a wonderful Valentine’s gift: their feedback. They have taken the time to go to DrScore.com and fill out a patient satisfaction survey. Feedback — whether it is positive or negative — is appreciated because it helps doctors improve patient care.”


Dr. Ernest received his doctor of osteopathic medicine degree from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2002 and completed his internship and residency at the UMDNJ School of Osteopathic Medicine.  He is board certified in general surgery, with a special interest in patients with breast cancer.


“We’re really proud of Dr. Ernest and his recognition,” said Doug Doris, CEO of Central Carolina Hospital in Sanford. “His commitment to his patients exemplifies the quality and devotion our entire medical staff provides to their patients.”


To date, approximately 190,000 DrScore online surveys have been completed in which patients answer questions on everything from signage in the parking lot and friendliness of the receptionist to how long they waited and how much time the health care provider spent with them. To be considered for “America’s Most Loved,” health care practitioners had to receive at least 20 ratings on the DrScore site during 2010. This year’s runners up:


  • Brian L. Pearlman, M.D., FACP, is an internist with Internal Medical Associates of Atlanta Medical Center in Atlanta Ga. Dr. Pearlman received his medical degree from the University of Miami School of Medicine and completed residencies at Baylor University Medical Center and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.
  • James “Trever” Rester, M.D., is an internist with Lake Point Medical Partners in Royse City, Texas. Dr. Trever received his medical degree from the University of Texas Medical School and completed his residency at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine.
  • G. Neil Love, MD, FACOG, is an Ob/Gyn with Hilton Head Regional Obstetrics and Gynecology Partners in Hilton Head Island, S.C. Dr. Love received his medical degree from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and completed his residency at the University of Southern California Medical Center.
  • Kathleen Moe, M.D., is a dermatologist with Frederick Dermatology Associates in Frederick, Md. Dr. Moe received her medical degree from Georgetown University School of Medicine and completed her residency at Georgetown University/Washington Hospital Center.
  • Joann Lutz, ANP, is an adult nurse practitioner with Oregon Medical Group. She completed a Masters program through Oregon Health Sciences University and is ANCC board certified.


“This year marks the first time a nurse practitioner has been in the top five runners up,” Dr. Feldman said. “This may reflect an important trend for medical practices as health care continues to evolve —everyone on the frontlines is vitally important in improving patient satisfaction.”


Increasing patient satisfaction directly links to quality of care issues such as following doctors’ orders and taking the prescribed medications — factors that ultimately lead to better patient health outcomes. “The comments on DrScore.com for all of these highest rated providers are very similar, especially with regard to overall communication and attitude, ” Dr. Feldman said. “Patients made comments such as: ‘Informative and with a personal and caring attitude.’ ‘Staff were attentive both to the patient and family.’ ‘Kind, caring and patient physician with warm, friendly manner. ALWAYS takes time to listen to you — I think he is the greatest and best doctor I’ve ever had.’


“All of our research has found that a good bedside manner and spending quality time with the patient is a critical component in patient satisfaction,” Dr. Feldman continued. “The best advice I can give doctors is to remind yourself — before you see each and every patient — that you want to make that patient feel cared for.”



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Are obstetricians and gynecologists more friendly and caring than other specialists?.

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Here is the latest press release from DrScore. This paper comparing patient satisfaction among different specialties was published by Dove Medical Press in January.


DrScore Researchers Find OB/GYNs Rate Higher than Other Specialists in
Caring and Friendly Attitude

Paper on patient satisfaction published by Dove Medical Press

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (Jan. 27, 2011) – Overall patient satisfaction ratings and ratings of doctors’ caring and friendly attitude are higher for obstetricians and gynecologists compared to other specialists, according to researchers at DrScore.com. The paper, Patient Satisfaction with Obstetricians and Gynecologists Compared with Other Specialties: Analysis of US Self-Reported Survey Data, (Isha Patel, Jongwha Chang, Jatin Srivastava, et al) was published in the journal Patient Related Outcome Measures by Dove Medical Press in January.


“There have been very few studies in the United States evaluating patient satisfaction across different specialties,” said patient satisfaction expert Steve Feldman, M.D., the founder of the online doctor review site DrScore.com. “Our research team wanted to see whether certain specialties had higher levels of patient satisfaction, and they found that obstetricians and gynecologists were 55 percent more likely to earn a high patient satisfaction rating and three times more likely to earn a good rating in caring and friendly attitude.”


The researchers utilized data from a national, validated, Web-based survey among 7,938 anonymous patients who rated their physicians according to satisfaction with treatment on the basis of their experience during their most recent outpatient visits. Patients rated physicians on a scale of 0 (not at all satisfied) to 10 (extremely satisfied). According to the study, when asked to rate their satisfaction with the physician’s caring and friendly attitude, the average rating for obstetricians and gynecologists was 6.65 and 5.86 for other specialists. Other key contributors to overall patient satisfaction include wait time and time spent with the doctor. Overall, patients waited a significantly shorter time for obstetricians and gynecologists (average 26.8 minutes) vs. other specialists (average 29.1 minutes). Patients also reported spending more time with their obstetricians and gynecologists (9.5 minutes) vs. other specialists (8.8 minutes).


The researchers concluded that patient satisfaction ratings associated with caring and friendly attitude were higher for obstetricians and gynecologists compared to other specialists and that doctors’ caring and friendly attitude plays a key role in patients’ satisfaction.


“Even though several factors influence patient satisfaction, adoption of factors like reducing waiting times, effective patient–physician communication and involving patients in the decision-making process should aid physicians in achieving optimal patient satisfaction results,” said Dr. Feldman. “The development of online doctor rating websites with a national scope has opened new vistas on the quality of health care delivery, offering researchers new ways to probe patient satisfaction and to identify new ways to enhance the medical care experience.”


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